Our mission

Reducing pollution by 10%, improve the well-being of city dwellers and the dynamism of local communities

Parking and curb management is a nightmare: wasted time, city pollution, increased fuel costs, and negative knock-on effects on other traffic and mobility modes. At Cocoparks, we’re improving the parking experience and the management of the associated infrastructure, because we believe that this is one of the most powerful levers for reducing CO2 emissions, saving time, cutting costs and improving business accessibility.

Save time, money and CO2!


of vehicles in town are looking for a parking space


spent per motorist per year on parking


lost per motorist per year looking for parking spaces

My motivation – To build a responsible company with a positive impact on the daily lives of millions of city dwellers, on the planet, and on our team members. What I particularly enjoy is developing a unique culture combining impact, excellence and conviviality with the teams.

Raphael Jatteau

Founder and CEO of Cocoparks

We're obviously a little biased. But we fundamentally believe that parking is the key to making life more pleasant.

Parking and roads have remained unchanged for decades. Time to unlock the potential of better road management

Putting people first, with a co-pilot

Parking management is fundamentally cross-cutting, at the intersection of dozens of issues and challenges. We believe that people should remain at the heart of the matter, fed by real-time data and services at their service.

Putting people first, with a co-pilot

Cocoparks technology and products are developed and assembled in France

AI4Mobility - Sober and responsible AI

We believe in the responsible use of AI for urban mobility and parking.

Cocoparks in the heart of the greentech and deeptech innovation

Our history: Highlights

Company creation 2020

Cocoparks wins the Cnam incubator competition Development of the concept and first deployments Cocoparks launches the benchmark app for finding the nearest and cheapest parking lot around you, in France’s 10 biggest cities

Winner of Réseau entreprendre

First deployments

Cocoparks rolls out in several French cities, wins its first public tender. These initial successes enabled the company to raise pre-seed funding. Based at the CNAM incubator, Cocoparks has been selected, at the end of 2021, to join Centrale Supélec’s 21st gas pedal at Station F.

French IoT Award
Ile de France selection for CES Las Vegas 2022
Laureate 21st by Centrale Supélec

A unique, market-renowned solution

Cocoparks is gradually becoming recognized as a benchmark solution in the field of intelligent last-mile management and parking. Deployments in Burgundy, Ile de France and Reunion Island have all been a resounding success. Cocoparks has won numerous national awards, and the team is gradually growing.

The #Tech4ctities award at Vivatech
Winner WILCO
Winner of the RATP national competition

2023: acceleration

Cocoparks is stepping up its development and deployment in local authorities, as well as in other markets such as university campuses.

Winner of the Vivatech CCI selection
Vivatech selection winner LaPoste
Territorial innovation prize - Salon des Maires

They tell you about Cocoparks from the inside

We are recruiting

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Deeptech, Greentech! @Cocoparks

At Cocoparks, we develop our core technology in-house. Our key areas: data science, deep learning, edge computing, embedded systems, web developmentIf you’ve got the talent to put it to work on a high-impact project, send us your CV.

Current opportunities:
#greentech #AI4cities #computervision

Transforming the daily lives of millions of people!

Mobility and smart cities need talent to transform themselves. Would you like to make an impact as a business developer, project manager…

Current opportunities:
#greentech #AI4cities #computervision

Improve mobility and parking, starting tomorrow!

They talk about us


Observatoire analytique du stationnement

Des data précises, objectives sur le stationnement, enfin !​

Aide au controle

Améliorer l'efficacité du controle avec de la data

Guidage à la place

Apporter un service visible au quotidien pour vos usagers​

L'appli Cocoparks

Le stationnement en temps réel, dans votre poche !​

Collaboration et gestion des arrêtés

Gagnez du temps et en qualité pour transformer la voirie

Optimisation du stationnement

Réorganiser pour améliorer l'attractivité et la sécurité

La tech est au cœur de la solution Cocoparks, par ici pour découvrir notre plateforme technologique


Observatoire analytique du stationnement

Precise, objective parking data, at last!

Control assistance

Improving control efficiency with data

In-place guidance

Provide a visible daily service for your customers

Cocoparks app

Real-time parking in your pocket!

Collaboration and management of orders

Save time and improve quality to transform roadways

Technology platform

Reorganizing for greater attractiveness and safety

Technology is at the heart of the Cocoparks solution. Click here to discover our technological platform.