Intelligent last-mile and parking management

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A dynamic and peaceful town center, key to the well-being of residents and the development of the region.

The demand for parking remains high, especially in city centers, and citizens and workers often find themselves looking for a place to park. Free spaces are hard to find, which makes mobility difficult and irritates users. The concentration of vehicles in certain areas, particularly during events or major construction sites, can clog up cities, and it is necessary to relieve congestion in certain areas in order to distribute parking as evenly as possible. Regulating vehicle traffic linked to the search for available spaces also helps combat pollution, noise and the stress generated by this kind of traffic.

Why are living and entertainment venues choosing Cocoparks to transform parking?

Deploy a service that's visible and useful every day

Tourists, customers, visitors, major CSR impact

Save on your education budget

With a permanent real-time observatory

Save time

Decision and control support integrated into your business tools

Simple, turnkey installation

On existing, tried-and-tested street furniture


Benefit from significant financial assistance

For all types of mobility


Table of Contents


Manage and objectify parking usage

  • Observatory of parking and urban logistics
  • Occupancy, parking time
  • Infringement rates by zone
  • Management of by-laws
  • Site acceptability


Control and soothe

  • Management of high-turnover areas
  • Automatic SMS alerts
  • Detection of hazards and double queues
  • Identifying sump parking


Display information for visitors and customers

  • Zone and place guidance
  • Ergonomic site entrance sign
  • Staking sign
  • Mobile application
  • Integration of stop-markers

Découvrez comment ils ont transformé le stationnement

Precise mobility and parking data from Cocoparks enable us to make better decisions on the evolution of urban mobility: car sharing areas, delivery areas and electric vehicle charging stations.

Director, Mobility and Urban Logistics Department
Bordeaux Metropole
florian petiot

“Fully mastering the use of kiosks to maximize quality of service is essential for an ambitious operator like Electra, which focuses on the user experience”.

Florian Petiot
Ils sont nos partenaires intégrateurs : directeurs d’agence, responsables smart city, commerciaux, ingénieurs, chargés d’affaires, business developer et ils déploient la solution Cocoparks

L’expertise Cocoparks à votre service

Découvrez les dernières réflexions et concepts du secteur, pendant que nous batissons le futur de la mobilité et du stationnement avec vous

Improving the hospitality experience tomorrow!

Ils parlent de nous


Observatoire analytique du stationnement

Des data précises, objectives sur le stationnement, enfin !​

Aide au controle

Améliorer l'efficacité du controle avec de la data

Guidage à la place

Apporter un service visible au quotidien pour vos usagers​

L'appli Cocoparks

Le stationnement en temps réel, dans votre poche !​

Collaboration et gestion des arrêtés

Gagnez du temps et en qualité pour transformer la voirie

Optimisation du stationnement

Réorganiser pour améliorer l'attractivité et la sécurité

La tech est au cœur de la solution Cocoparks, par ici pour découvrir notre plateforme technologique


Observatoire analytique du stationnement

Precise, objective parking data, at last!

Control assistance

Improving control efficiency with data

In-place guidance

Provide a visible daily service for your customers

Cocoparks app

Real-time parking in your pocket!

Collaboration and management of orders

Save time and improve quality to transform roadways

Technology platform

Reorganizing for greater attractiveness and safety

Technology is at the heart of the Cocoparks solution. Click here to discover our technological platform.