Accurate data for better decisions on mobility and parking in Bordeaux Métropole

Bordeaux Metropole

Precise mobility and parking data from Cocoparks enable us to make better decisions on the evolution of urban mobility: car sharing areas, delivery areas and electric vehicle charging stations.

Mobility and Parking Department

Director, Mobility and Parking

The need for accurate data

Bordeaux Métropole needed precise data to answer key questions on 3 subjects: car sharing areas, delivery areas and IRVE terminals. Among the questions asked was whether the use of these infrastructures was appropriate.

Solution: Cocoparks real-time curb management solution

Cocoparks deployed its curb management solution in just a few weeks. The solution took the form of a real-time observatory covering multiple areas of Bordeaux Métropoles. The metrics reported included occupancy rates, parking times, detailed parking chronograms, infringement rates etc… and many more.

Carpooling areas

A major investment had been made in the metropolis’ car-sharing areas. Once created, it was very difficult to know whether the areas were being used for carpooling. Cocoparks’ analytical strike force has enabled us to respond to this challenge, and in particular to understand daytime and night-time usage, by objectivizing usage in great detail.

Exceptional efficiency

In the example below, a single sensor was used to monitor all 41 spaces in the car-sharing area.

Mérignac Crematorium carpool area

Delivery areas

For delivery areas, the aim was to understand whether they were used for deliveries or for other purposes. Cocoparks’ ability to distinguish between different types of vehicle has enabled us to fully answer these questions. In this case, many bus lane blockages were directly linked to problems with the management of delivery areas.

94,000 deliveries take place every day in Bordeaux!

Urban logistics department

IRVE terminals

At charging stations for electric vehicles, the aim was to identify vehicles parked but not plugged in – a real scourge for the development of electric mobility.

An observatory in just a few weeks: ultra-light and fast installation

Cocoparks technology is unique and frugal. Cocoparks has an AI that consumes very little energy. This enabled him to build the observatory exclusively with solar panel-powered sensors, drastically reducing installation costs. These devices have proven to be 20 to 30 times more effective than other types of parking sensors. Overall, the Cocoparks observatory costs a fraction of the cost of a study carried out by a mobility or parking consultancy.

The ultra-fast and lightweight implementation of the Cocoparks solution opens up new possibilities for data creation.

Mobility and Parking Department

Director, Mobility and Parking

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Cocoparks develops and deploys the benchmark solution for intelligent traffic and parking management

Bordeaux Métropole Mobility Department


Observatoire analytique du stationnement

Des data précises, objectives sur le stationnement, enfin !​

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Améliorer l'efficacité du controle avec de la data

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Collaboration et gestion des arrêtés

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Optimisation du stationnement

Réorganiser pour améliorer l'attractivité et la sécurité

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Observatoire analytique du stationnement

Precise, objective parking data, at last!

Control assistance

Improving control efficiency with data

In-place guidance

Provide a visible daily service for your customers

Cocoparks app

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Technology platform

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Technology is at the heart of the Cocoparks solution. Click here to discover our technological platform.