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A successful parking policy or parking lot project involves investments of several million euros. It’s essential to prepare it well, and secure its success with a holistic vision of the project. Numerous mobility and parking consultancies can support these projects to help make the right choices and speed up the decision-making processes associated with the project.

Their comprehensive approach usually includes an in-depth analysis of the existing situation, the development of tailor-made strategies, and the proposal of innovative solutions. These experts help to optimize the use of public space, improve the quality of urban life and promote more sustainable mobility.

Top 10 mobility and parking consultancies worldwide

These consultancies, whether parking specialists or major engineering firms, play a crucial role in optimizing urban parking policies. They bring their technical and strategic expertise to help cities meet the complex challenges of parking management and improving urban mobility.

RankNameCountryEmployeesSALES (€M)TypologyWebsite
1Walker ConsultantsUnited States~400~100Parking
4SteerUnited Kingdom~450~50Mobility
5AECOMUnited States~50000~13000Large engineering
6WSPCanada~50000~7000Large engineering
7RambollDenmark~16000~1800Large engineering
8ArcadisNetherlands~27000~3500Large engineering
9SwecoSweden~17500~2000Large engineering
10IPS StrategyFrance~20~2Parking

Top 10 mobility and parking consultancies operating in France

For the French market, these 10 players are present and active in supporting parking projects.

RankNameEmployeesSALES (€M)TypologyWebsite
2IPS Strategy~20~2Parking
3MTI Conseil~30~3Mobility
4ASCO Consulting~15~1,5Parking
7Artelia~6000~700Large engineering
8Egis~16000~1070Large engineering
10ASCODE~20~2Mobility and parking

Focus on SARECO

SARECO is a consulting firm recognized for its expertise in parking and urban mobility. With around 50 employees, SARECO generates estimated sales of 5 million euros.

Concrete references:

  1. Feasibility study for an underground parking lot in Paris
  2. Parking plan for the city of Marseille
  3. Optimizing residential parking in Strasbourg

Focus on IPS Stratégie

IPS Stratégie is a consultancy specializing in parking, recognized for its expertise in territorial diagnostics, field surveys and support for public contracts.

Concrete references:

  1. Territory diagnosis and field surveys (rotation, occupancy, compliance, satisfaction)
  2. Development of scenarios and operational recommendations for on-street and off-street parking
  3. Assistance with public procurement, including drawing up specifications and analyzing tenders

Focus on Transitec

Transitec is a design office specializing in mobility, with expertise in parking.

Concrete references:

  1. Quantified and qualified analyses of current and future parking practices
  2. Development of scenarios including volume and management concepts
  3. Development of the TICPARC parking modeling application

Focus on ASCO Consulting

ASCO Consulting is a specialist in parking engineering, particularly renowned for its feasibility studies and parking lot design. With around 15 employees, the company generates estimated sales of 1.5 million euros.References :

  1. Designing an underground parking lot in Lyon
  2. Feasibility study for a parking lot in Toulouse
  3. Optimizing parking in downtown Lille

How to ensure a successful collaboration with a mobility and parking design office?

Here are some recommendations for working successfully with a design office:

1. Clearly define your objectives

  • Set precise, measurable objectives for your project.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations and constraints to the design office.

2. Choose the right partner

  • Look for a design office specializing in your field.
  • Check their references and experience on similar projects.
  • Make sure they understand your specific challenges.

3. Establish effective communication

  • Designate a main contact on the customer’s side and on the design office’s side.
  • Schedule regular meetings to monitor project progress.
  • Encourage open and transparent communication.

4. Provide all necessary information

  • Share all relevant data right from the start of the project.
  • Respond quickly to requests for further information.
  • Make sure the data you provide is up-to-date and reliable.

5. Involving stakeholders

  • Identify and involve all key project stakeholders from the outset.
  • Organize consultation meetings to gather opinions and needs.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are committed to the project’s objectives.

6. Be open to recommendations

  • Listen carefully to the advice and recommendations of the design office.
  • Be open to new approaches and innovative solutions.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if any points are unclear.

7. Set a realistic timetable

  • Draw up a detailed schedule with clear milestones.
  • Leave room for unforeseen events and adjustments.
  • Respect agreed deadlines for validations and returns.

8. Regular follow-up

  • Set up a regular reporting system.
  • Organize milestones to check progress and quality.
  • Anticipate potential problems and find solutions quickly.

9. Be flexible

  • Be ready to adjust the project according to interim results.
  • Remain open to suggestions for improvement from the design office.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances as necessary.

10. Enhancing expertise

  • Recognize and promote the expertise provided by the design office.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in proposed solutions.
  • Build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

By following these recommendations, you’ll maximize your chances of success when working with a design office. A collaborative approach, clear communication and open-mindedness are the keys to bringing your project to fruition and achieving optimum results.

An innovative approach to parking studies

A good mobility and parking policy is based on a long-term vision. It is therefore important to take into account developments in the field and current innovations. This requires large amounts of data.

Innovation for mobility and parking design offices

Some innovations even make parking studies much deeper and more efficient. For example, the town of Levallois Perret in France has set up a real-time observatory of delivery spaces, thanks to the innovation of Cocoparks, a company specializing in curb management. This enabled the company to define its delivery area management policy, while reducing the cost of the study, and to benefit from a real-time tool later on.

Data at the heart of decision-making on mobility and parking

Data providers play a crucial role in optimizing parking and urban mobility policies. They bring their technical expertise and innovative solutions to help cities meet the complex challenges of parking management and improving urban mobility. Read our article on data suppliers here.

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