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Cocoparks develops and deploys the benchmark solution for intelligent traffic and parking management


Implementing a smart parking solution is essential for optimizing the use of parking spaces, reducing the time it takes to find a space, and improving operational efficiency and employee QWL. The process begins with a thorough assessment of the site’s specific needs, such as current capacity, vehicle flows and user expectations. Then it needs to turn to the right solution and technologies for its needs.

A. Three categories of smart parking players for a company or industrial site

There are three main categories of players when it comes to smart parking in the workplace, each with their own distinct leaders:

  • players in the rental of company parking spaces
  • players in parking optimization and reservation
  • players in real-time smart parking and place-based guidance

B. Smart parking: profitability and rental of company parking spaces

Onepark: short and medium-term parking space rental

Who is Onepark?

The press has dubbed Onepark the “Booking.com” of parking. It was created in response to an observation shared by all motorists: the vacancy of parking spaces in private buildings and hotels. While these spaces remain free, many motorists are looking for a place to park. As a reminder, the search for space is responsible for 30% of urban pollution.

Where can you find Onepark?

After starting with private building and hotel parking lots, they have expanded to other types of parking lots: public parking lots, official station parking lots such as Effia or airport car parks such as Aéroport de Paris (ADP), discount parking lots near airports, valet parking services… and so on.
The company is present in over 3,500 parking lots throughout France and Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands).

What does Onepark offer?

Onepark is an online parking lot comparator and reservation site that takes the stress out of parking by reserving a space for you on the day.

Onepark offers two parking solutions:

  • The package for a parking reservation for a few hours or a few days;
  • Monthly parking rentals, which enable users with recurring needs to take out a subscription.

It’s as simple as that: the customer chooses a package, including address, arrival and departure dates and times. He then selects his parking lot from the list and pays by card. They receive a confirmation e-mail containing the necessary information and a personal code that will enable them to access the parking lot on the day.

How much does Onepark cost?

Onepark offers a Onepark PRO package with prices available on request, enabling professionals including companies to rent and benefit from easy, independent access to Onepark parking lots.

Yespark: the long-term rental specialist

Who is Yespark?

Yespark was created in 2014 by two engineers who realized that there were parking problems on an international scale, and that no tech solution was providing answers. So they set out to create the first marketplace to bridge the gap between vacant parking spaces on the one hand, and users looking for space on the other. The meeting takes place via a mobile app. They began working with all the major landlords who managed these vacant underground parking lots, with the promise of generating income from these spaces. By uploading them to the platform, motorists wishing to park near their destination can rent a space.

Where can you find Yespark?

Yespark is now present in 750 towns and cities in France, Italy and the Netherlands, and offers 72,000 referenced parking spaces.

What does Yespark ?

Like Onepark, motorists can choose between booking for a few hours or renting for several months, depending on their needs. Thanks to their platform, Yespark also offers a table comparing the different prices of their parking lots across the country.

How much does Yespark cost?

Yespark Pro is a multi-purpose offer, including one for companies with prices on request:

  • Yespark Pro for employees: provides an alternative solution to street parking by renting spaces in a private parking lot. For companies needing parking space for employees or a fleet of vehicles.

Zenpark: an alternative to Onepark for a more shared smart company parking lot

Who is Zenpark?

Zenpark is a pioneer in smart parking and is renowned for its “smart city” projects. The company was founded in 2011 and became available on the web and mobile from 2013. Now the leading operator of automated shared parking lots, their patented technology optimizes parking by offering users an alternative means of parking in vacant company spaces.

Where can you find Zenpark?

Zenpark operates a network of 1,300 shared parking lots across 250 towns and cities in France, and is also present in Belgium.

What does Zenpark offer?

Sharing parking spaces optimizes the use of parking spaces left free at certain times. Zenpark offers a parking reservation platform for motorists looking for parking spaces that are usually unavailable. Zenpark enables municipalities and parking lot owners (landlords, hotels, supermarkets, administrations, etc.) to share their parking facilities in a simple and secure way, so they can make the most of their assets.

How much does Zenpark cost?

Zenpark has several offers for companies, and you can request a free estimate:

  • Flex: this SaaS option makes it easy for employees to reserve and access company parking lots.
  • Pool: the Pool option enables companies to rent spaces in Zenpark parking lots and share access with their employees and/or customers.
  • Share: make the most of your unoccupied parking spaces with shared parking.
  • Plug&Share: From 2025, the LOM law will require companies to provide charging stations for electric vehicles in parking lots with more than 20 spaces. Zenpark turns any electric charging station into a shared charging station.

B. Optimizing and reserving company parking spaces

Moffi, the workspace management specialist

Who is Moffi?

Moffi was founded in 2016 with the aim of revolutionizing workspace management in companies. Recognizing the rapid evolution of working patterns, particularly with the rise of telecommuting and flexible workspaces, Moffi has chosen to optimize the use of offices and shared spaces.

Where is Moffi?

Present in several countries, mainly in Europe, the company has established itself as a key player in the field of intelligent workspace management, thanks to its innovative solutions and user-centered approach.

What does Moffi have to offer?

Moffi’s main objective is to help companies manage their workspaces efficiently, while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. By optimizing the use of offices, meeting rooms and other shared spaces such as parking, Moffi aims to reduce real estate costs and improve operational efficiency. What’s more, this provides real-time visibility of office and space availability, and therefore a more sustainable use of resources.

How much does Moffi cost?

Moffi offers 3 packages with rates based on the workstation:

  • Essential: For teams wishing to track office occupancy and teleworking. It includes office reservation, occupancy monitoring, telecommuting management, absences, parking and cafeteria management.
  • Advanced: For medium-sized companies who want to optimize their work environment. It includes the essential package plus additional features.
  • Premium: For small and medium-sized businesses and key accounts looking for support with their flex office project. It includes all the functions of the 2 previous offers, plus a range of new features and carefully thought-out support.

Sharvy, formerly MyCarSpot

Who is Sharvy?

Sharvy was founded in 2018 as MyCarSpot in France, with the ambition of transforming the way companies manage their parking spaces. In 2020, following requests from customers who needed to reorganize their spaces during the Covid-19 health crisis, they developed an offer to manage offices and all company resources.

Today, there is a growing demand for flexible, efficient solutions in a context of digitization and new working patterns, where parking spaces or offices are no longer 100% occupied by one and the same person, due to telecommuting, travel or vacations.

Empty space is a major cost for companies, so they’re looking for ways to make the most of it.

Where ‘s Sharvy?

Aware of the challenges posed by shared space management, the company has developed innovative solutions to meet the flexibility and productivity needs of modern businesses. Today, Sharvy has almost 60,000 users in some 15 countries, mostly in Europe.

What does Sharvy have to offer?

Sharvy offers a digital platform for intuitive, flexible management of offices and parking spaces, as well as shared charging stations. Employees can reserve workspaces and parking spaces via a mobile app or web portal, facilitating day-to-day management and reducing inefficiencies.

How much does Sharvy cost?

Sharvy has 3 offers to suit your needs:

  • A free Lite offer, limited to 5 parking spaces, 5 workstations and 2 resources managed per time slot. This allows you to test all the functions on offer in complete autonomy.
  • Flex offer From €2 to €4 ex-VAT per space (parking lot, substation, resource) per month, depending on the type of resource managed and the volume.
  • An Enterprise offer (price on request), which is in fact a Flex offer with billing adapted to accounts with multiple resources.

C. Smart parking and business: seat guidance to save employees’ time

Cocoparks ‘ mission is to drastically reduce the time it takes to find a parking space and the CO2 emissions associated with parking. The company works with cities and campuses where parking is a critical issue, and any type of territory where parking is an issue. The technology developed by this French company provides real-time information on parking occupancy. All this at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies. Cocoparks technology is 20 to 30 times more efficient than traditional ground-based sensor technologies.

The Cocoparks solution can be applied to both corporate headquarters and industrial sites, and allows for cost-effective place-based guidance. In particular, the solution interfaces with corporate video surveillance systems.

In brief

Implementing a smart parking solution for companies optimizes the use of parking spaces, reduces the time spent searching for spaces, and improves operational efficiency and employees’ quality of life at work (QWL).

By adopting smart parking, companies and industrial sites can not only increase their productivity and safety, but also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by minimizing parking search times.


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